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  1. saint got those fillins down pat
  2. im not really feeling that strike and lazy. and i had no idea jean michel basquiat was a writer.
  3. bump that lord breakfast with the clouds, and that revise
  4. anyone know how to make that a decent size?
  5. oh damn elskizerg thats some sick shit
  6. hey i'll battle ya hopefully more people will get in this too. word... RITES due whenever i'll have mine later today/tomarrow. full color peice
  7. fuck there ya go again saying peoples way of living is wrong because its differant from yours. he's a raver who's done E, youre a prick whos into hip hop. i sketch all day every day and lots of my sketches dont get painted, you dont sketch anything unless it WILL get painted. yet we're the ones who are going about everything the 'wrong way'. listen buddy, there is no wrong way to be who you are and maybe you think youre this saint of graff but ya aint so drop this whole 'my way or the highway' bullshit.
  8. PS it says knowme posted it cuz i couldnt get the sizing down tight, he fixed it for me (thanks knowme)
  9. here ya go, i posted it last page maybe you missed it
  10. and two things for you visual:: 1) everyone hated you when you were here the first time cuz you were an asshole. remember? hm maybe you forgot that part. no one formed 'alliances' against you or sabatoged the voting on arbitrary battles. fuckin paranoid mother fucker aint ya. 2) if this thread hurts your feeling so much, if 12OZ brings out the 'sorry state of graff', if it just makes you wanna cry............. what the fuck are you doing here anyways? just fuckin battle you bitch. im not gonna hop on a plane to come see you ya dumbass. and i doubt you have anything better to do with your time so toss up a word because i cant see any reason for you to come back to the battle thread, except to battle. hm.
  11. not that i cant, the more the merrier is how i see it.
  12. 'edoggg' is a she if youre tryin to be all PC here and i kinda see a three way battle goin down. are you in shithead? i throw in taps cuz youre being a dick to him too and i'd love to see him serve you and shut you the fuck up.
  13. this is the battle thread not the post your shit thread. nice try though
  14. ^^^ hahaha i did you dumb peice of shit. nice try though, if you want i'll let you have a couple days grace period to think of a better comeback. i like to be forgiving.
  15. also if anyone knows how to post them all normal size like the first one, can ya either do it for me real fast or tell me how? i dont know why one worked and the other two didnt.
  16. im not that happy with any of them, but here ya go at least im posting shit.
  17. by the way swamp thing im glad your back i really missed your ugly ass graff and asshole tendencies
  18. i doubt theres a due date... just post whenever. i will actuallhy have all this shit posted in the next few days and i know ive been saying that for a while but now its all done i just have to scan it.
  19. doesnt even look to me like it says anything
  20. what the fuck is that ^^^
  21. mother fucker sure im down i;ll post everything i owe in the next day or two. starz farewell, boist, shit was there another?
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