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  1. dear bank account

    since december i have done miami once, sf 3 times, idaho twice, denver/boulder, a road trip from sacramento to sf la sd and tijuana, and am going back to sac in a month. 7 plane trips and 3 road trips in 9 months... no wonder im broke as a joke.




  2. easy tiger, its just MY opinion (and apparently the opinion of a few people who agree with me)


    i adjust my carbon footprint in other ways. nobody is perfect, everyone has vices or tendencies that fuck up the environment. yes,even you. i walk/bike whenever possible, shop locally, recycle/compost and have significantly decreased my meat consumption. so guess what- if i want to support printed word, i think i am entitled to that.

    most of my vacations have me toting around one large backpack filled half with books and half with clothes and i wouldn't have it any other way.

    and i really feel bad for you that you cant appreciate a beautifully stocked library/bookshelf. feel free to send the books my way!

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  3. how the shit do you guys enjoy reading books on a computer? i mean like i fucken cant stand scrolling n stuff. its probably different cuz when i read i have to jump pages and highlight n stuff when writing an argument. i guess its different when you just speed through and never have to go back. i like print out all the pdf articles.


    i'm so picky i once printed out a 150 page document. only reason was because someone left their student account logged-in and i used their account. to print it charges like 30 cents to the person's account so karma is probably gonna get me back :)



    fuck reading anything longer than this post on a computer.

    i will never own an e-reader, and i too print out documents. id rather waste some paper and kill trees to keep printed word alive. i have this fear that eventually in my lifetime, or even by the time i have children, we will see the end of books. everything will be published only in e-version.

    there is something so much more personal about holding a tangible book... the anticipation of turning the page, being able to see and feel how close you are to the end, which allows the suspense to grow, i dunno. call me corny. feeling the paper even adds to the experience, and i know many of you will agree that there are few better smells in the world than a really really old book. in a weird way.

    being able to physically own the book, and have a library which takes up a whole fucking wall or whole room even, instead of just being on a 64g thumb drive sitting on the kitchen counter.

    being able to give books to others to enjoy, in hopes that they pass it off when they are done too.


    these are all things i love about books, and hate about e-readers. and besides, reading too much on a computer gives me a migrane, and probably cancer.



    to show that im not all serious and grouchy, i read this yesterday.


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  4. Still havent read that one. shame on me



    so i just started teaching middle school and after much persuasion from my students i went out and bought this. 5pm, told myself id read one chapter. that came and went. told myself i'd read 100 pages. done and gone. next thing i know its 11pm and i havent moved the book is dome and the only time i got out of bed was to eat a trader joes ice cream sandwich (if you know, you know.)

    i will start and finish the other two ASAP



  5. dear all the wrong words


    interesting day to check this thread for the first time in forever.

    we clearly never met- im not the 'cute girls list' type. sorry. i watch football and rarely dress all girly.

    dont know why you thought that.





    also, aim? really? MUST have been years ago. jeez.

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