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  1. just curious fen, why the dis over fyre on green?!!? or did i miss something
  2. im feelin that too short hat, have any for sale?
  3. check out insidesouthwest.com edit* spelling
  4. yea shit only looks good clean though
  5. that vomits the shit and sehvs characters always hott
  6. goin over freight numbers and letters are like goin over the expiration date on a milk carton.. you figure it out
  7. snapback to reality, ope there goes rabbit he chokes he so mad but he wont give up that easy nope.. i know what he choked on...some rusto. cuz he was just startin to write and found out he was no good so he started to rapp. message: if u dont know what your doin then dont do it
  8. dont worry about it... just dont get caught
  9. i got the sweetest facemask... i rap a tissue around my nose ...not really but that would be funny if i did lol
  10. ahh...let them tell their stories, all tho usin rustos is alot easier
  11. ^^ yera no doubt about him... hes defientely gay
  12. damn thats some hard ass shit weaksauce. lol i think its funny tho. reminds me of some bitch ass lil faggot i used to hang wit till he blew up everything bout me. if any help is needed i will be honored to do some damage ... haha
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