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  1. Thinking about buying a dslr just to have around so im trying to decide on the d40x or the xti so i was just wondering what everyones opinion on these two cameras was?
  2. Black matte board. Silver frames wouldnt be bad either.
  3. I pretty much get all my programs and movies from torrents. Just download a torrent client like bit torrent, azerus, etc then you can download torrents. Youll be able to find cs3 right away
  4. When i had my d80 i had capture nx (i deleted the program when i sold my d80) but i just downloaded the program off a torrent site.
  5. What kind of light meter do you guys use? Ive got an old gossen n100 meter but im looking to get a digital spot meter.
  6. If im doing color i get them developed at the shop then i scan the negatives and print em or ill get em printed but for bw i develope and print on my own.
  7. Buck what kind of camera are those shot with? super crisp.
  8. Im trying to build up a nice bronica camera outfit so ive got some random camera stuff im trying to sell to help pay for my new set up if anyones interested: Seagull tlr Canon canonet 28 rangfinder Holga & holga polaroid back Lomo color splash camera Vivitar 3200 flash Polaroid one 600 If anyone is interested pm me ive got pictures as well everything is working and in excellent condition.
  9. That enlarger was 140 came with a lens for 35mm and one for medium format negatives as well. Got it from freestylephoto
  10. Looking to sell my canon canonet 28 rangfinder works good just really strapped for cash right now if anyones interested. Also possibly thinking of selling my holgaroid back and my seagull tlr.
  11. Not really pictures but i put together my darkroom this week : Finally used it tonight ill scan some of the prints once they all dry.
  12. Decaying nice set. Im waiting on a few final tihngs to arrive and ill have my darkroom set up i cant wait to start printing again. Any of you guys shoot medium format?
  13. Congrats on the magazine shot. What kinda camera set up are you running?
  14. Thats my take on it as well i was just curious to see what other thought because i get asked that question alot by my friends who arent really into photography.
  15. Heres a question for you guys that shoot people portraits in the streets, Do you guys ask if you can take pictures or do you shoot them without anyone knowing?
  16. Buy a flat bead scanner for film, theyre anywhere from like $125 to upwards of a few thousand for top of the line, canon makes some cheaper end ones. If thats not an option soon enough then you can always take your negatives to a photo place and have them scan them onto a disk. As for resizing images in photoshop you really shouldnt have any problems if you just click image and click images size. The only way youre going to havea problem is if youre attemping to resize an image bigger than the original size.
  17. Decaying what type of camera did you shoot those with? they have a really good tone to them.
  18. I just got like 10 packs of polaroid 600film any ideas for it? im thinking of doing something big with it.
  19. Im going to try and do it to my bathroom aswell i found a 35mm/medium format enlarger form $140.
  20. Any of you have your own darkroom setup?
  21. I won my canon ae-1p with 50mm lens on ebay for like 52dollars shipped and a 28mm lens for like 8bucks, if you really look you can get a cheap deal.
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