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  1. that senor metro isnt on metroburner soo dont talk shit mate
  2. Because we want the flicks on here FOOL!!! Quoted post [/b] you fucking suck mate
  3. why not just give them a link to increase the peace moloto guy :clown2:
  4. but it isnt a commuter so really...guilt didnt "tll him" oh and another thing...i realised your a fucking lick arse mate..sort it out
  5. haha he didnt realise the numbered sheds and trains in the background...not a very big give away
  6. its a rail of electricty which powers the trains instead of over head wires...some commuters have them some dont..some subways have them some dont ya get mey
  7. if you aint willing to learn yourself why should any 1 tell you then boyo
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