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Everything posted by OFFICER PUSSYNUTS

  1. haha fawkin cow and chicken cartoon ay..sein wit the good stuff...obik wit some good stuff..whos got the crip though??
  2. yo aeresol knight..i went painting with couple of those dudes in town side..but i couldnt keep up bak den...
  3. alci ill exchange..i write swang the mang245
  4. kepha and mecos not included...they hold it down
  5. man fawk u bitches yo..wat da fawk kinna shit is this???kinna looks like fawkin some 5 minute work into it man..this PAGE not thread sucks...fuckin dumass..think before u spit jizz out of ure mouth
  6. hey and yeah diggin the advo yo..keep iy up
  7. adivice yo...dont fuck with respected crews and names..
  8. yo good lookin out mang..by the way wat u write??i'll do one for da fun of it..since ever1 is making friends on here i might as well join da crowd ah
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