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hail of rage

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  1. hail of rage


    seriously almost every one of those was garbage.
  2. hail of rage

    say tha wrong shit n i be sprayin

    hence ONLY
  3. hail of rage

    Self-satire-filled Special

    engine and dloe handling it as usual.
  4. hail of rage

    my first thread...

    that is a tragedy.
  5. hail of rage

    pokemon used to be cool....

    yo god post the Nife that was on the celf coalcar. don't hate.
  6. hail of rage

    Artwork for my site

    keep bumping this, i'm sure someone qualified will see it and be real stoked to do something for you. Everyone i've talked to about that site is really impressed by it.
  7. hail of rage


  8. hail of rage


    One of the best sites I have ever seen in respect to urban exploration, especially in dealing with transit tunnels. Exceptionally thorough, and great photo quality. I was really, really impressed by that site. I've been in a few of those tunnels and it was really great to see them again.
  9. hail of rage


    how is someone going to write gray?
  10. hail of rage

    Hop on the good foot and do the bad thing

    bacon and trik holy shit
  11. hail of rage

    deth/kult walls

  12. hail of rage

    Unknown Soldiers

    #1 rei21 #3 kuhr #6 lack #7 causr #9 jets #11 possibly met #12 super #23 snail #24 sensr #26 saer #27 lack #29 honke #31 zine #32 glue
  13. hail of rage


    yo that erupto is fucking nice
  14. hail of rage

    Johnny Cash would be proud...

    my man dirty DETA
  15. hail of rage


    where are all the 1349, gorgoroth, and immortal flicks?