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  1. Next time something else gets Buffed or Capped, all your Historical remaining spots will be Destroyed...You should learn to mind your own business especially when it doesn't pertain to you. Respect or be Disciplined...
  2. Fort Henry Dam...Kome get some!
  3. HTOWNKoming to a city near you!
  4. Someone Go pay this Motherfucker a visit...:D Rudyards British Pub on Waugh!
  5. Smile Now, Cry Later! He'll be back, always has always will...
  6. You're barking up the wrong tree man, I wouldn't mess with that psycho.
  7. You must not know full details, you certainly dont know your history. The eye was capped and it wasn't the first time. Where the new stuff is now was untouched before,... Side bust? I guess all the heads at Fulton gas are sidebustas too right? You sound like the real toy punk!
  8. Da fuck you care? Niggas will paint wherever they want. That Keli watertower got spotjocked hard by a bunch of toys.
  9. Anyone out in Kingsport area??? Probably not! :D
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