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  1. pretty good lineup actually. bonnaroo is better, but also almost twice the price and in the middle of tennessee. im going to both either way.
  2. in a prefabricated world, it's always good to see someone with enough balls to go against the grain. more neckface please.
  3. i feel like i should of paid for admission to this post.
  4. Chicago right? weird.. same shit happened about 2 months ago. we were painting a freight during the day and a helicopter showed up and circled and hovered directly above us for several minutes. we kept on painting thinking that they wouldn't be wasting their money on a helicopter trying to catch us lil old graffiti writers. it freaked us out a bit but eventually the helicopter did leave and we finished our pieces with no problem or chase. i wonder if it was the same place? it's just funny that anybody would waste all of this time, money and energy trying to catch graffiti writers.
  5. aint that the sad truth. the worst part of it is, im here complaining about it.
  6. haha yeah, that commercial's been playing pretty much non-stop here in Chicago for the past 15 years or so. it never gets old. "I've got something for yooouuuuu..."
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