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  1. Oh, I did just fine...as long as you get to leave on your own, you're gold, haha..just confirmed that I'm still bipolar...nothin new...pretty sure th only way to really not do well, is to be deemed homicidal, suicidal, or psychotic...
  2. Yeah...sorry...Flickr wasn't cooperating with me today...and terribly sorry that my picture was not up to your standards...I won't let it happen again....pretty sure I'm lying...
  3. Yes. Yes I did. I felt it was a matter of utmost importance... Nah...last time that I signed in, they made me create a Yahoo account, instead of letting me sign in with Google...when I signed in this morning, I noticed the other pics weren't there, but I had to go to work, and did not have time to investigate further...
  4. Was goin through some paperwork, and found my psych eval from a few years ago...this was my favorite part, haha... [/url]
  5. Just made it through a crazy intense storm...we were on standby, waiting for the word to post up in the bathroom...there was a tornado outside of Austin..in town, we still had funnel clouds, 70 mph winds, tennis ball size hail, and a shit ton of lightning...sorry for the weather report, but shit was pretty crazy for a minute..
  6. Just got a friend request on Facebook from a juggalette...3rd one in the last month or so...I try not to judge, but I'm making an exception...
  7. Watching the news, being amused by how awkward the reporters talking about the X games are...realizing how old I am, because all I can think about is how bad traffic must be..
  8. Gettin my car inspected, and unwillingly donating my blood to a bunch of mosquitoes...
  9. Just got off work...haven't said that in a long time...feels good..
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