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  1. so like, does it only count if it's up?? because that's where tomorrow comes into play
  2. ^^ Those are those super mario 2 jawns right? Quoted post [/b] what is a Jawn? The Skele Character is a combination of a japanese mask and smiley face and Frost, yes it's a park Nassau County, NY long island the rest of it was too cluttered with sharpie highschool scribble so I aimed higher
  3. I'd appreciate some commentation what doesn't kill us... printeds are up you get the picture not too many stickers around here, surprisingly and I aim to change that
  4. first round of printeds opinions?
  5. ehhhh this may be a stupid question but what do ya'll use to keep these lookin kosher when it rains? (inkwise) im guessing you gotta do alot of replacing?
  6. will wheatpaste go over clear packing taped images?
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