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  1. this is the shit u fuckin gaylords uk 3005 best of year outline FRESH FRANK KICK URE KOCK OFF! get skribblin in ure fag books! u lot are really reprsentin the uk!
  2. ? Quoted post It's shit mate. Why keep asking, just practise!! Oh and mkonji, tell your mate TO CHANGE HIS NAME, aint a good look to write same tag as someone down with std,gfs,fls,dds and others cliques you get me you clown :clown2: ... Quoted post [/b] ha ha this thread is broken!!!!
  3. the 1st one is hott love the fill Quoted post [/b] wot the fuck? hot love on a piece of paper wiv ure felt tips u bummer!
  4. ha ha ha gwran u king u tell em!
  5. haha check the boat! big up the goat squad and skufer tm , happy new year fuckers
  6. Is a shame there aint no 1 to stick a quality control sticker over everything you post . how fuckin shit do u have to be to get thrown out of 1t anyway? :shook:
  7. 1t fag boy from Fincherly its a small world the old graf game and if u stick at it even with your crippled hands, im sure our paths will meet. Lookin forward to that day funny how you give people who are better than you advice on their letters in the outline thread . TOY SKOOL
  8. ouch... posting shit this bad must fuckin hurt more .NOB :biglaugh: :
  9. brasse hed Jul 18 2004, 06:48 AM first attempt at a proper 3D ...lets go!
  10. brasse head classic heres something I prepared earlier on my music manuscript paper ,my Cello teacher thought I needed the paper for my music exam :haha: :haha: gangsta!
  11. wot a fuckin suprise its brasse head addin his words of wisdom. yeah u fuckin toy damn right u can't do better :gaga: :gaga: :gaga: until we meet cos I aint fuckin forgot fag boy :love2: .
  12. bump se london 's london wall flix :burn: bump
  13. nice wall ;) but wots goin on with that geezers hands? :shook: cum on london Quoted post a pair of hands i think Quoted post [/b] the head is heavy, painted well nice, if as much attention was paid to the hands that character would of rocked .
  14. nice wall ;) but wots goin on with that geezers hands? :shook: cum on london
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