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  1. i really dont have a problem with your art i used to actually admire you, but the way that you have treated me for my gangster rap lifestyle is sad. i am so mad at you YOU FUCKING PEACE OF SHIT! i know this is the wrong place for this, but that is the point, to make seeking hate me as much as I dislike him. and i know posting in here is just gona piss him off even more
  2. obviously seeking get a clue, your sig says some ish about choosing between you or another guy, and and circling one of them, i'm sorry to break it to you bro but your girl is cheating on you, probably because you spend to much time on the internet and not enough time with her!!!!!!!
  3. so I have never realy had a problem with seeking untell 2 night when he closed my thread and paper chasers just because i spelled photograph wrong and for what ever other reasons, i hate him and i hope he sees this and i hope he knows that i dispize him with all the darkness in my heart. and i think it shows that he is threatened by me, my ideas, and the fact that i dont care about spelling things correctly. and he sucks at drawing as well as life. he is wack and a FAG fuck your make beleive pretend threads that you make and go on with your "perfect vasade" i see right through you foo meet me
  4. I would just like to say this is a potograph, paper, graffiti and wicked all at the same time so I hope you are happy now. baby
  5. now that I am realy cleane here is some thing's that are wicked sweet. sekt one
  6. Ill post some graffiti flix... hold on I gotta take a shower lol.
  7. To bad..... you wouldn't get to see any of the graff on this site if it was not for a camra. All the graff on this site is potograft so what what. I was not trying to make a thred about my sellf beleve me I am no loomet but I just whanted a place that you could put flix of things that are wicked sweet..... and every one would say that there not think objeckts. :burn:
  8. hay maybe if I would have put the f....ing guitar in toy's post hear thread then you guys wouldn’t shit on my things. some times you cats bitch more than my mom's. home for the holiday hopefully just one day...
  9. that whale/other shit is not a canvas it is a sign and not my work just part of the same install that my rik sign was in and yes I am a really good photographer.... this is not "trying to hard" or "art fag"it’s called "insomnia" bro
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