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  1. those are some great shots of mustangs,...funny you post that subject,..as thats where all my $$$$$ has gone for the past 7yrs or so.. :lol: here's my money pit at my freinds house & the track... the lens you seem to be describing is a fisheye,... peleng makes a cheap one but i dunno if they have mounts for the a100... personally i think a nice sharp uwa (ultra wide angle) is always useful the only thing they lack is the ability to play with the depth of feild...everything is pretty much in focus to infinty. you don't really need photoshop but it helps,... i shoot in raw format only (not jpeg) so i need some P/P to add sharpness and go from there.
  2. nice ^^^ but i think some of those shots would benifit from cropping the vignetting.
  3. for old times sake.........
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