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  1. Its a shame there arent more pages and posts dedicated to tags in this thread. This city was built on awesome hand styles and now all anyone wants to take pictures of is trains. Not to mention that right now there is more tags being done here than ive seen in years. Props to the get uppers ... you know who are.

  2. in my opinion, tags can be posted whenever, Street spots once they're buffed and freights need to have the numbers photo-shopped out if you're going to post them shortly after they've been done.

  3. i think the problem is most people got no heart for it anymore. too many newer writers only do like one outline on a highway, one night of silver tags in uptown, and five or ten chill wall spots a year.




    as kids we knew our citys awesome history and wanted nothing more than to live up to (and beyond) the expectations. our philosophy was to combine all aspects of the best graff that we saw coming up and then to consolidate it all into one movement.


    we were inspired by the old school uptown tracks/bombshelter era of the midwest style burners by people like eros ewok monk intel logik crisis chen dzise etc. as well as the more funky and simplistic fr8 styles and fr8 numbers put up by people like mber spell and hope 4.


    we also knew that you had to be up and maintain a presence in the streets and were heavily influenced by the serious crushing of people like kept puzl eski poe blast vent 26 and the one man wrecking crew that was gift nts. as well as others like sierra thnx nymz rehab dsc ensue fails gain etc. we also learned the importance of strategic subtle tags and all around up-ness and consistency of yen34.


    at the same time we were also inspired by the work, as well as the friendly (and sometimes not so friendly) competition of 7mk/wins crew.



    i know the city has dramatically changed in the past 15 years but i still think that if enough people learned the history, are down for the cause and not afraid to get their hands dirty, that the torch could continue to keep burning strong in minnesota. so to the people who actually are putting in work right now - keep it up. learn from the past and adapt to the future.






    well said! RIP THNX ONE

  4. hey wholeman it was just an observation!! they shouldnt post a detail pic when its sloppy! suck it easy buddy! i guess youre the one i was refering to when i said im sure someone would get pissy about it...... no body else responded to what i had to say but you so it seems like you care too! if not you'd shut the fuck up!!




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