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jim jones sizzurp

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  1. jim jones sizzurp

    here we go again

    damn talk about mn fr8s id say at least half your post was all from mpls good stuff
  2. jim jones sizzurp

    Nice Bulge (100+ flicks)

    weird now they work for me.. bitchin post seone was pretty sweet size 21 when mber there was prolly more
  3. jim jones sizzurp

    Nice Bulge (100+ flicks)

    bump for all those sweet red Xs
  4. jim jones sizzurp

    Southeast benching pt.2

    i would SO go over this oh yea.. vent kids jesse
  5. jim jones sizzurp


  6. jim jones sizzurp

    Breaking Nails

    no shit..fuck this mother fucker ps fuck
  7. jim jones sizzurp

    hitchin on a twilight train

  8. jim jones sizzurp

    Quick Dub

    i take full credit for coining the term pringle face its crazy to see how that spread so fast
  9. jim jones sizzurp

    Saturday Morning

    aest and arys
  10. jim jones sizzurp

    For the Flag burnin Faggots!

    like seriously...how is it even possible to believe in that nonsese and still be into graffiti..its a complete and udder oxymoron graffiti is in direct opposition of everything you stand for.. and if i knew what you wrote id be crossing all your fr8s i dont even care who you are i wouldnt care if you were SIGH id still be out crossing anything id see by you and dont try and give me your right wing rhetoric - i think youve mistaken metal heads for the republican convention
  11. jim jones sizzurp

    For the Flag burnin Faggots!

    i burned a flag last 4th of july...so think of me burning it and pissing on its ashes next time you see your tool of brainwashing and propaganda
  12. jim jones sizzurp


    2 words...FOX NEWS and what do you think good ole george dubya thinks about graffiti? what do you think ANY republican thinks of graffiti? sorry but your either one of 4 things stupid ignorant mentally retarded or all of the above
  13. jim jones sizzurp


    your entire existance on this earth is an oxymoron emphasis on moron nice flicks though
  14. jim jones sizzurp

    reminiscent of 1964's AuH2O

    what he said..
  15. jim jones sizzurp


    sons a bitches