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  1. Im a fan of night benching...

    also of that HUGE freight.

    Now that I have said that I like that HUGE freight I wonder if that fuck from europe who made that bullshit thread with no flicks and didnt understand why we say names of people on each "random american freight" post will get the fucking point?????? We lile those ones you daft (<-euro word for stupid) fuck.

    Have a nice day!

  2. Some one have some balls and call a winer you pussies, damn......

    BEAST won with that cash shit period.

    Now all that this is a lifestyle not a comp is bullshit, im sure classico and beast are homies to begin with or they wouldnt set up a joint post. And if two homies want to have a frendly bech comp then thats great cause its gets the shutter moving and more posts on 12oz.

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