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  1. Originally posted by socks@Aug 19 2005, 04:07 PM

    some fool writes erupt?!!!

    ha ha ha  what a joke


    you forgot about the origonal...

    A motherfuckin HIGHLANDER of the freight game!


    there can be only one!





    Eruptoe...A2M,SWS,GTB,D30, Vamps and on and on...i mean really this guys got friends everywhere so your shits getting gone over...







    Erupto A2M Aint trippin about it so why are you socks?...

    Erupto knows that this erupt has been writing it longer from back in the day.Erupt was in printed mags in 1996, but who's counting. Not the artists, so kick back..............

  2. How bout those two jack ass's who went over 1995 bles and phable. Their piece runs 10 years just to get half gone over by some nobody's. Guess its part of the game tho

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