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  1. letgo is better than half the kids i see in this thread... jealousy is a good reason to hate... he had the freeways SMASHED under previous names when i was down there... actions speak louder than 12oz words..
  2. is BONUS the same kid i saw up in new mexico about 2 years ago? im assuming yes?
  3. hahaha.. just made our daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! we never got decent flicks of that!! thanks!!!!!!!!!
  4. 50.. crums and ranks... old wcb ast boys... suprised you didnt recognize that.
  5. that myth with the balaclava on is GANGSTER...
  6. what are some of the spell outs for AM7? always been curious..
  7. the fact people think thats TIGHT is retarded... its MESSY MISHAPEN SCRIBBLES....
  8. suite kover vital sleep.
  9. really feeeelin the huge.
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