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  1. whats up with all these new kids////////// and the face of that chick is perdy dope bogy
  2. thats fuckin stupid just for a tag? what else would he do a bomb? fuck you haters
  3. ill trade but what you write i write TRES Quoted post [/b] ya, i rite SERT, tres backwords ha
  4. that REALZ sucks SHIT!! wow i didnt know people could suck that bad, at least you paint better than that. WHO LIKE DO 1 TRADE?
  5. how can you be dissin that tie? Cmon man no matter what its fukin huge and sick
  6. AINA by sert Who else wants to do this? yo newkon you got 1 fo me? haha, i may do another newkon since i didnt finish and the fukin pens ran out, i need new pens as you can c i use the same colors...
  7. hey goodtimes id liek do to a trade with you if u aint too busy with all these guys ha tell me if your down -sert
  8. NEWK (couldnt fit the on) by Sert WHO ELSE WANNA TRADE?
  9. yeah newkon lets do an exchange ill get mine started tonight PEEEEECE
  10. shits dope guys, and NEWKON is fukin crazy props
  11. i write SERT, gimme your name i wanna do this
  12. yo can any 1 get down on any 1ns name or what
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