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  1. free pyno. Criminal Mischief Lords
  2. thats cuz his ass got ran out of so-cal.. dont worry your frieghts get gone over on the regular. just cuz you moved away dosent mean people forgot..
  3. meser must of ran out of walls to toy up
  4. dope website for realheads..... respect!!! :$: :$: :$: :$:
  5. i woudl own this post if i put shit in here, but instead you all will have to just wait till reefer season picks up around here
  6. sleep in the tweener R+6-S=?? <-- dope
  7. thats one that i lost when my camera fucked up.. i think it may still be in the repair yard.. ill see what i can do
  8. ill never forget watching him disapear underneath a kicker in the longest gap contest...
  9. thats all.. before people start complain about missing pannels, my carmera decided to erase 30 pics on its own today, sorry to the people i didnt post, trust me i wanted too. see you in a couple weeks
  10. last two weeks or so feel free to break up my post talk shit steal my flicks and everything else people on here cry about
  11. Nas Jobe x2 Hymn 2 Marvl Woe whole car at night
  12. drugs killin the door
  13. vital sleep opt switch heel to front crooks is where its at...
  14. ducking from police vitol velcro
  15. hell ya i finally got a flick!!!!!!!!! too bad mother nature whooped my ass ..
  16. keep talking and hiding behing a screen name, you know who we are so get at us..
  17. w. kid you're a fucking joke. one of your buddies has a thread in metal heads right now with your crew name as the title...go complain in that thread about how 'self promo fucking sucks'. not to mention the way you guys post your flicks any chance you get on pg and 50mm too. grow some balls and check your own new jack crew-first. Quoted post [/b] firtoff this isthe wackest shit i've had to do for graffiti but i aint gonna have your shit for one more second.... second I rep my name since this is my boys username- OPTONE. A. the thread title was posted by a completly unaffilated person, period. B. we have never posted anything on 50mm-ever C. the person who posted us on p.g. did so with some of his own flicks and some he stole off our private account which he had acces to, he was told not to unless the flicks were ones he had actually benched himself. D. the fact is our crew paid dues and is still paying dues......try to get your game on out here in southern california, see whats up..... that stick ass yard out in the sticks........try and realize level of factors that go into graffiti- all aspects, fighting, tagging, bombing, peices, racking.....for me to get mine compared to you getting yours is nothing, nothing. The ONly reason you see us up more than you is because we are up more than you, this reality is reflected on by those posts containing our work on graffiti sites(grafarc,12oz,p.g.,50mm etc..... :hatred: :hatred: :hatred: :hatred: :hatred: :hatred: :hatred: :hatred: :hatred: :hatred:
  18. ser your a fag i wish my boy didnt paint with your toy ass... your self promo fucking sucks
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