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  1. I've seen the first movie played on public access television. It's all to refreshing to see some investigative journalism, with how much american idol makes the evening news. Oh and did anyone hear michael jackson died. Also they have to cancel "I Love Money 3" because a contestant on "Megan: golddigger" killed his wife and then himself. If people weren't so overloaded with jealousy and pop-consumption because of the news, maybe some one would've stabed a senator insted of some "nigguh wif niez jordinz." Rip FogRaw.
  2. How about delocated, the only other good live action show.
  3. Robot chicken has 73 episodes already, since 2005. almost as much as aqua teen which has been on 3 years longer, with 83.
  4. Oh, I forgot, starwars jokes are fucking hillaareeuzz. Two dvds worth of them aren't enough. Obtoolongs and morel borel aren't funny but instead drawn out crap. The mighty boosh doesn't belong on there. This is cartoon network not the bbc.
  5. Bad shows: -fatman in the internet -sol of the molemen -all anime -squidbillies -frisky dingo -oblongs -morel orel -and fuck robot chicken oh and why is that british crap on there allof a sudden? Tim and eric on the other hand= funny. Comercials are just as unconnected to the plot as the shows shorts.
  6. Frank Rizzo


    They've got a system called fc twin in which you can play both nes and snes games in one system. Its like $50 online. Or fleamarkets if you're lucky to know of good ones. I gotta get back to playing dragon warrior right about now, levels to be upped.
  7. "Spaghett: and the quest for the hidden treasue." Jim heckler and derrick whiple are funny no gripes about it. Go to sleep after famly guy if you can't stand it. **BONGED** P.s. Season 3 just came out.
  8. Frank Rizzo


    so wait your arguing about the amount of weed needed in a picture? how about you worry about the throw up in stead of your "dank ass nugz" fellers.and thank you for letting us know you smoke weed, i certainly think more of you now, but no one cares what you do.
  9. oooh nottingham loving it anti drips just freshhhhhhhhh
  10. oh oh me i live right down the street from the starbucks on main street be sure to stop by the number is 35 main street and my house phone is ........ you dick
  11. best fucking thread. any more links to videos?
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