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  1. Dumbest comments ever. Jesus and Satan would both be sharks.
  2. Dudes, it's a well known fact that after Jesus visited Humanoids, he went to the Ants, then Walruses, then Birch trees, then Rabbits (he loved Mary Magdelcottontail, hump), now he's at sharks and the media and you mother fuckers are blowing up his game. GET OFF THE JOCK of christ. They better let him out of captivity to spread the word.
  3. Ha this is weird, there are owls all over chicago, so much so that it's on the news
  4. Ha! You niggas said theres no remidy to pooping pee, HA! Heres a tip for you from me, with a streams to shit gauranty. So you got super-duper sloppy with that plate of sloppy joes, told your lady "stick your foot in manwich let me lick it off your toes" Now it's half past midnight, thinking you'll shit the sheets Yo GRAB the MIC Mr.Marker-son and finish it up....
  5. Plug me up, Plug me up YO, Fittin' ta fixx my shits To the fields I gots to splitz Cuz a Corn-cob will slove the prob. GOLDEN KERNALS! If you know what I mean It attacks the fermented Thai black bean that lay in my bowels, steady sitting on towels Got to hide this steanch, find a cork and a wrench Plug me up, Plug me up
  6. Woah, woah, woah, don't let this stop you. I'll still Panda it again, and every gotdamn time think of it. It's not like the shart touched cloth, I clenched in enough time. Had it soiled my pants, I'd be signing a differnt tune, perhaps one in a BROWN NOTE
  7. My problem has been that the last 5 meals I've eaten have been Thai or Chinese.
  8. Who the hell types in yellahar? WHAT ARE YOU CHICKEN BOYEEE?
  9. It's 1:45 where I'm sitting
  10. Asking a store worker where the bathroom is while poop seeps out of your butt sucks. More than likely they could smell my dirty secret.
  11. Sharted. After lunch at a new Panda Express, work-mate and I went to Borders to grab new calendars. I sharted in the isle and rushed my self STAT to the bathroom to remedy the situation. Now back at the office, I feel like everyone nows what went down. My buttox feels as though there is ghost poop on it.
  12. HARIBO may need there very own thread. Bump them.
  13. Woah VAJAY... Alright.. Chill. I understand sugah, my mistake by misqouting you like that.
  14. My love for Vaj has grown several "s
  15. Man this appreciation thread is that of VIP quality, you nine year olds haven't developed a proper palet. I'm talkin that real talk, that liquorice stalk talk Don't twist tounges. this shit aint twizz, it's Austrailian Strawberry Cut, WHUT IT DO CUZZZ MAKE EM SAY UUUUhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh na nah na nah. Maniac No Limit Black Liqourice Click
  16. On the whole liquorice is great. :) And GOD damn any twizzler man.
  17. New Years I've was spent at 6 different parties the illest time was a small venue hosted by Slugeworth & Pegboy
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