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Everything posted by deterrent

  1. ChZero should get a name change for an hour to Catopoly!
  2. HAhaha haa cats on boards!
  3. "Handi-CAPABLE" BLAAahahaaa
  4. deterrent


    Man he'd get made fun of so badly in elementry school. hahhahahaahahhhhahahaa:lol:
  5. A rough translation would be: exceedingly good indeed employ family position whence returning Does that make sence to you?
  6. I'm just saying, back to Brittney Spears ya'll did you see her new piece on TMZ lik OHMGZY 4 REAAZY, Beeazzey.
  7. Oh Shit that mofo was a hunk for reals. HA EAT DIRT KEATH!
  8. A theraflu colonic, should fix ya up.
  9. Re: so im listening to lucianno pavarotti... Pavs was the shit.
  10. What's Nigel Peppercock have to say on this matter?
  11. BLBbbhhahahhahha a to the ever changing title.
  12. Re: Kleenex.... But to sum it all up, on the hole girth wins?
  13. Re: Kleenex.... This is about catface right, man she likes12 untzers
  14. I'd start to worry if Jesus Shark could walk on water.
  15. Didn't take pictures at the range, I was unsure if it's allowed.
  16. Ehh whatver whatever. Went to the range the other day just happened to have uploaded some pictures to the flickr, her are the preparty photos: First we visted our dead borther. He passed 4 years ago this past weekend. We sought out the Virgin De Guadalupe for protection. Got motivated Then the fronting began Small break for 2girls1finger .357 Special aka hammer of thor Cases are for wussies and so are glocks or whatever the hell this jerk brought She thought she was tuff, but she was the only on barfing during 2girls1...
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