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  1. By closing the chicago brickslayers thread and giving it 10-30 days of probation before a new one starts? BTW, How the hell are ya?
  2. Another discription: -The Fight: ROUND ONE: The official is Troy Waugh. Here we go kids! They come out and start throwing. Tank bull rushes Kimbo to the cage, they separate and start landing. Kimbo starts killing Tank, but they stop because Kimbo hit him in the back of the head. They stop it again then restart, Kimbo spit out his mouthpiece and tossed it out because HE HAS STREET CRED. They just throw, Kimbo drops Tank and he is up. Kimbo throws and drops him again! Tank is up and then is knocked down a third time and Tank is OUT. He dropped face first. Damn. -T
  3. Here comes the big brawl: Kimbo Slice vs. Tank Abbott. This place is buzzing big time. Very loud, and Tank is the definite heel. Here comes Kimbo. I can hardly hear myself think. The Miami crowd is bananas for this guy. Kimbo has a cliq at least 20 deep walking laps around the floor making sure that everyone is on their feet. Round 1: Well, that was crazy. They both come out throwing bombs. Both guys are landing as many as they miss. Kimbo drops Tank with a right hand and the referee steps in. The place goes insane, thinking Kimbo just won. Instead, the refer
  4. I'd like to enter a new adverb to Webesters dictionary: The O.J. When you have a record and you still don't give a fuck and are will to treat a motherfucker. Lets hear for O.J. hitting headlines again.
  6. But Eddy Griffen is dead. RIP BLACK COMEDY
  7. CornFeed would like to spread love. But I've forgotten my way.
  8. Let dead men rest. Was he related to yo?, no? Does he call when your sick?, nope? People need to stop poking corpses. Anyway, if he aint, PROVE HE AINT
  9. It was once something sweet.
  10. My other account is a premium, I have you all fooled thinking that name is a womans. Any guesses?
  11. What kind of "saying" is that? What could it mean? RIP Black Comedy Oner Bil Rock
  12. Woah people like Aesop? I'm happily voting for a black man before I ever listen to this crap again.
  13. What? FROM THE GRAVE? This shit's a morbid sin, let the dude rest even if dude recorded it before passing.
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