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  1. c-u-t-t-i-n-g b-u-t-t-e-r
  2. Thanks, I actually was unaware of this. However, my prerogative is it is a different state, different style and a different spelling. I've been a part of graff since I was 13 (not always writing deter), and now at 23 I can look through out graf history and see this repeatedly. Some will add their street number or another suffix like one, 2, ski, ster, etc., have a different spelling, or sometimes just being from different parts of the nation/world to seperate themselve as an entity. There are a barn load of instances that we all can think of for this situation and ar
  3. I'll post some other peoples hands stlyes in a minute.
  4. Several years now, I belive 3. The site was just updated this weekend with much more so check it again. You Are Beautiful.com P.S. You never answered if you were willing to part with the third bunny.
  5. CHGO Some real business right here.
  6. Here is a collaboration made in conjunction with “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL”. It was showing at Heaven Gallery (chicago) durring the Select Media Fest, and now has been installed on the street. The Artist included, in no particular order: Sighn, Chris Silva, David Cuesta, Mike Genovese, Emily Counts, Sayre Gomez, Deter, Kelly Breslin, Karl Koett, Michael Colman, Matt Granstrom, Josh MacPhee, Travis Wiggins, Lee Piechocki, Jeremy Schulz I made the "e" in the word "are" incase you've never seen the site before check the URL below you-are-beautiful.com
  7. Has anyone ever used this? It's a fountain brush that use split bristles for solid coverage. Specially designed by Marsh for porous and non-porous applications. Also I found a spot that sells Marsh by the gallon, it's a little expensive and there is no way to steal it. I want to make certain this is the correct one. It's called Marsh Black Stencil Ink. The word stencil threw me off.
  8. deterrent


    What do you think?
  9. Dee, very impressive! What size are they and do you sell? I'm poor but I really enjoy the third bunny. Jazz, very nice. I'm liking the Egypt feel in those characters and how it carries across the rest of the piece threw the treatment. I'll post some work in a bit.
  10. What are your thaughts on Speedball Super Black? It is not aromatic so I'd assume is would be weak, but I've had it show through nicely when painted over.
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