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  1. That crisp is rudeee.from kent reppin it... been bit slak on steel at da mo....jus few toy bobs...get onit 2006
  2. soooo,any one know bout any damage yest?,SEE wat the lines have to say today...I know HORK and Tempoh had pannels in a certain se yard yest....come on i wanna hear moreeee!,FITING BACK WID A COLOR PLANTATION ATTAK|!
  3. Spotted this am...Yikes and Hork color pannels on south easterns,pretty fresh!,look for them..Few of my pals received xmas cards from btp...."please dont take this time to reoffend" pffffffffffffffft fuck yaselves!...Happy ChristmaS!
  4. Nose is da writer who did dat pannel....says Noe musta left out da s coz e cudnt b fukt or sumin i dunno.....but it says noe
  5. breathofair

    Kem 5

    big up dat last proddy!
  6. big up dat killem!,connex been getting sum runners latly too me hear!,they on da buff tho...da more it gets battaerd da more itll cost to buff...so den da less dey have to spend on cameras and security so get out there boys...and ladys...ofcourse!
  7. Bump dat aset and jenny sick traksides...oh deary da days have gone since atg blessed us with there purew flowy letters and styles,thank you doggers! fucking chumps!.
  9. haha ave it thatll teach yas.nice dpm stuff hardly ever see shit done anymore...real soljeahs stay strong.
  10. i know i know,cant all be winners can we!,my nan burns you...you know the score mr v eye seeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...booombasticlot mandem inside da ride one taym layk
  11. that message is so true!
  12. Nice stuff on here boys,Loving mimes stuff brings out da freshness on dat wall.Boom seems to be going down hill,but keep it up
  13. fucking sick spot...desl gets dem unbeibliveable spot on a regular nutty cunt!
  14. Bump dat neas ghad,neva gets old!,Page 100 eh need sum fresh new pannels.
  15. serious id,if i see u in person id "run my gums" and then id slice your gums and send u to da dentist to get ur teeth cleaned up due to the stench you leave on here coz u chat so much shit,if u wanna know who i am,if u dont know alredy ill be more dan happy to tell you,so shut ur mouth about internet beef.im just saying u chat shit and u think ur da bad man mosta da time wen to b "FRANK" wid ya.ur just anuva 12 oz beef mug.sticking up for shit graff? nah mate i dont think so it is shit.but then who really knows dat you can even paint eh!?,you see mate this is a forum and because u cant see who is really behind da shitty fake names on here,dicks like you can give it and get away with it so i come to the conclusion that you my mr getto man are a little fucking mug who spends way too much time serching fru ur dads gay porno collection!.
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