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  1. Tibet HokEye Hindue EatFuk DrSex DrNo DrWho Geso
  2. This reminds me, I was out with some girl and this kid that was at this place had a shirt that said, "Religion is my music, Jesus is my guitar."
  3. Yea me and my sister were playing with knives one time and my mom walked in, so I started yelling to my sister, "CUT THE BITCH, CUT THE BITCH!!!"
  4. Seriously, shut the fuck up with this stupid ass right wing "liberals love the terrorist's" shit. "I bet they would let some islam terrorist band play". Religion fucking sucks PERIOD and if I wanted a band to play an anti drug assembly it would be Minor Threat.
  5. Wow, a shithead from a shithole like Arizona, go figure. Im pretty sure its in the running for the worst graff in the world. I like Europe better than that shit.
  6. Allright fuckers ill be adding you guys. I borrowed my friends Xbox to beat Halo2 and got addicted to the multiplayer. If you get an add from alex Hottley, do accept. And yes the hottley is a joke, even though have the retards on Xbox dont understand that. I got him into a clan and I got way better over a matter of days, but my computer game skills deteriorated.
  7. Ok my guess to Cramps is Throne Of Blood, cause the woman was bugging that guy to kill everyone and everyone died in the castle. God, the beginning to that movie is so fucking great. No shots of the battle, just the rider going back and forth, fuck man I am going to go rent that from the library right now, 50 cent rentals, eat my shit blockbuster.
  8. Raging Bull and Taxi Driver.
  9. This is where I come in and prove you wrong. Im not gonna cheat, so I dont have the exact name, but doesn't that name have to do with the forest or something. The actor in most of those is Toshiro Mifune and the sscene where he and his best friend talk to the ghost scares me more than half the fucking horror films they put out there. Its such an excellent movie. And its based on a play by Shakespeare if you need anymore proof. And the ghost is weaving. And Yojimbo is another excellent film.
  10. Sorry I typed that while on Xbox live and didnt feel like editing it.
  11. A fun movie will be the documentary of when Nick CCage quits.
  12. Damn should have thought of that 99centsacan, thanks for the advice. Why 72 and not 75, because they are only selling 72 and because that will last me quite sometime and Im getting them for 3 dollars more than they sell them for on most websites. Plus, no one in my area carries streaks that I can rack except for the graff shops, so I can only buy them.
  13. Allright here it goes, I currently still live with my parents and I have just decided I want to make some purchases(to the tune of 72 Markal streaks) online. But what I am worried about is my inquistive mother asking what it is and then trying to confiscate it/kick me out of the house(due to an arrest and several questionings). I figure I will just tell her its art supplies, but I don't know if she will buy it, so let me get some advice from you knowledgable folks.
  14. hell yeah i second that, i should really go buy these if i do i will rip them if you want a copy. Quoted post [/b] Yea for sure It would be awesome to get a copy of that movie.
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