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cool kid

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  1. cool kid

    seen in chicagoland part 22......

    each 2 Armn that you can't see...that guy is good.
  2. cool kid

    Heavy Duty yard work

    the Artistik video hasn't even come out yet and I would here by like to officially nominate it for an oscar.
  3. cool kid

    Dallas Benchin

    thats like the first vital i've seen that not on a reefer.
  4. sgod is dope..i saw stickers and tags by him all the way in san diego..
  5. cool kid

    Johnny Cash would be proud...

    why the fuck would you rock a piece that small on the top of a door?
  6. cool kid


    Painting ANY trains is a felony...it's because they go over state lines.
  7. cool kid

    some TEXAS benching!!!

    lawgic wholecar
  8. cool kid

    Chaos in Tejas

    self promotion is weak
  9. cool kid

    Krushing Steel.

    why would anyone sidebust RITE?? I just go over them little fuckers..that's what u get for painting so small.
  10. cool kid

    if I knew what I was doing

    doc 2, dego, supher...
  11. cool kid

    Canuk 18

    River is NOT a toy.. That kid is mad cool and has tough ass letters.
  12. cool kid

    Mid-West Fr8z

    Vital the reefer whore...eddie..and the random pictures