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  1. each 2 Armn that you can't see...that guy is good.
  2. the Artistik video hasn't even come out yet and I would here by like to officially nominate it for an oscar.
  3. thats like the first vital i've seen that not on a reefer.
  4. sgod is dope..i saw stickers and tags by him all the way in san diego..
  5. why the fuck would you rock a piece that small on the top of a door?
  6. Painting ANY trains is a felony...it's because they go over state lines.
  7. why would anyone sidebust RITE?? I just go over them little fuckers..that's what u get for painting so small.
  8. River is NOT a toy.. That kid is mad cool and has tough ass letters.
  9. Vital the reefer whore...eddie..and the random pictures
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