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  1. hey nose, those dont look like stickers..
  2. yeah, these are a few spots around the way that doom missed. sorry about the size, im new at this. peace
  3. im sorry, i dont know how to resize
  4. yeah, orbit dicked me in a trade too. i know i owe people packs, but what the fuck. i owe people shit cause i dont have markers to make the stickers with. but i dont know what his deal is.. :confused: :confused:
  5. check the seyce hand on the left (from the roller thread)
  6. yo, i hope these pics come the fuck up. sometimes i see them, sometimes i dont. i hope yall do see them. 2 girls put these up in boston for me. those that know me know the girls. im not takeing credit for the ups or the pics, thank sara and jen for that. oh yeah, i didnt mean to sprall the page out and make it wide as shit. oh well. its my first time.....
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