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  1. fuck fucking yeah , i rediscovered this one this summer in a drunkin rampage.
  2. i just came up on a shit ton of those derusto cans (1 sparay in bad shape, and a gang of the quarts and pints) i really got into the derusto steez recently , but the colors are amazing and the label design (the black background jams from the late 60's or so) is on point as well. regardless its a more or less slept on brand. Quoted post I really like Derusto paint. In recent years I think they've taken a turn for the worse, though. I got a couple cans of hi-heat black from Big Lots a week or two ago and the shit is watery garbage. Very surprising. The older stuff is pure gold, and the tins are excellent for painting canvases, if you're into that. I recall them making a really nice clover green lookalike. The only problem is that it takes forever to dry, like Rusto-leum. Quoted post [/b] ohhh fuck yeah that clover green shit is the fucking shit. my entire liking of said brand was based around finding a random can of that shit (light green i believe) at this dollar store that is notorious for shit cans 95% of the time. i did a few painting with the tins over the summer , shit was nice , aslthough its a pain dealing with dry times (i found a hair dryer on low heat solves this quandry. seeks , that is fucked and the reason i dont buy shit on ebay ever.
  3. i read this on the pittburgh city papers website. McIntire 3/31/2005 Terri-ing the Country Apart Are moderate Republicans on life support? Writer: JOHN MCINTIRE They say the most important lesson of the Terri Schiavo spectacle is that everyone ought to write a living will. Wrong. The most important lesson is that religious and/or faux-religious right-wing nutbag Republicans will stop at nothing to appeal to their base, and it ought to scare the living feces out of you that these freaks control the government. It’s a fish-in-a-barrel kind of thing to point out the GOP hypocrisy involved with the shameless spectacle that was Congress’ Sunday-night special session, during which the GOP passed a bill sending the Schiavo matter to federal court. But I still think it’s useful. So, here’s a handy-dandy guide to lying, thieving, hypocritical Republican hypocrisy, as it relates to Ms. Schiavo: -- They talk about the “sanctity of life,” yet they support the death penalty. -- They talk about the “sanctity of marriage,” yet they demonize the husband who says he’s carrying out Terri’s wishes to be allowed to die. -- They talk about “states’ rights,” yet that applies only when they agree with what a state government and/or court is doing. When they don’t like it, they bring in the feds hot and heavy (see Bush v. Gore). -- They talk about what wonderful spiritual enrichment awaits us when we go see Jesus, yet instead of letting someone who has said she wants to go see him go, they would prefer to keep her around so they can videotape her in a semi-catatonic state and score political points with right-to-life fanatics. -- They talk about respect for the “rule of law,” but that only applies when the judicial system’s outcome is the one they seek. -- They express disdain for “activist judges,” yet when judges seek not to intervene in what most regard as a private matter between a husband, a wife and her doctors, they hold a special session of Congress to find an activist federal judge who will agree with them. -- They claim liberals play political games with critical issues, yet they distribute talking points discussing how this Schiavo circus will appeal to the base, perhaps putting Florida Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson on the ropes in his upcoming ’06 race for re-election. “What Tom Delay and the Republicans are doing is just cruel,” says Congressman Mike Doyle (D-Swissvale) “They’re making medical decisions on the House floor watching a four-year-old videotape. You had guys down here playing doctor, psychiatrist, judge and jury.” Doyle was not among the Democrats who voted for this nonsense, as they weasel their way toward the “middle” (whatever that is) to try to stay in office. He also voted against the Iraq War. Unlike many of his colleagues, he still has a spine. Doyle is pro-life but doesn’t see this case as a pro-life issue. “Government is sticking its nose into the private affairs of a husband and wife,” he says. “They’re all saying [Michael Schiavo] is a horrible man. They don’t know this guy.” But of course they don’t have to know him to condemn him, just as they don’t have to examine his wife to come to medical conclusions. I happened to be in Florida during the Sunday-night circus. I watched the revolting TV spectacle with my girlfriend and her parents. The parents are represented in Congress by Republican David Weldon, a physician whom my girlfriend’s mother, Robyn, had met. A nurse herself, Robyn commented that Weldon seemed levelheaded and hoped that as a physician he would oppose this. Turns out he was one of the ringleaders. “They want to be the executive, judicial and legislative branches all at once,” says Rep. Doyle. Now, that may be going too far. They’re willing to allow the existence of other branches of government, just as long as they toe the theocratic line. “The Republican Party of Lincoln has become a party of theocracy,” says Republican Rep. Christopher Shays of Connecticut. Of course, he’s a moderate Republican, and if you’re not in with the nutbags, you’re a vanishing breed in the party. That’s why former New Jersey governor and Dubya’s former EPA chief Christine Todd Whitman wrote a book called It’s My Party Too, a plea for the inclusion of moderates in the GOP. Well, moderate Republicans, it’s your party, and you can cry if you want to. But you ought to be ashamed.
  4. although old , this is still a gem of local news. i absolutely love my bubb rubb aim icon as ppictured above , and my old roomate bought me an official t-shirt bubb rubb is the most incredible hero that earth has ever known.
  5. God Save Robert Blake There’s one man who speak the truth Only one who really knew Not afraid to say when shit is shit Admits when others let him down Great insight sets the world alight Only idiots call this man a clown Stands naked finger to the world Not random rage-it’s well deserved Life is like fucking a gorilla Pretty soon it is all like barbed wire But admits what he’s done He’s the only real one still around God Save Robert Blake--we wanna live God Save Robert Blake--the way he lives You think you’ve got it rough? You think you’ve got it tough? He beat studios, shrinks, and public taste Been through the ringer a thousand times Won’t be beaten at any time Got more wisdom in his very hand God Save Robert Blake--we wanna live God Save Robert Blake--and save us from our fate God Save Robert Blake--we wanna live God Save Robert Blake--because the way we’re living Ain’t really living, it’s-- not guilty yall gots to feel me.
  7. i just came up on a shit ton of those derusto cans (1 sparay in bad shape, and a gang of the quarts and pints) i really got into the derusto steez recently , but the colors are amazing and the label design (the black background jams from the late 60's or so) is on point as well. regardless its a more or less slept on brand.
  8. this is a lil more than a lil something ;)
  9. conway yard is 25 miles long if you count the surrounding layups etc. i have also almost been crushed by switching cars on more than 1 occasion there. 24 hours a day switching whole lines , gravity lines , remote control engines , the whole 9. very fun place to hang out
  10. bahahahaha i did now. sometimes i get these , is it bad?
  11. i like the options reboot (which is cleverly unable to be chosen) format (hahahahahahaha) and suck it. those are the only life options anyone needs.
  12. i feel 23% dumber from reading this thread. normally i would have stopped reading it at the title , but instead i chose to explore. i regret that decision
  13. oh .........I see it ...like a dee see ten.
  14. yo... I herd theres this girl who writes post someone should POST some a that.
  15. that accord wagon is fucking illy. im sure its all show no go , but whatever , those cars are so slept on. i set my goals low. a clean 240 will suit me just fine thanks. oh and stealths are MAD slept on.
  16. ha. i judged big tiggers vw golf at HIN atlantic city. that shit was dookie stains. rap city has sucked since early 2000. forreal.
  17. six feet under is such a quality show. i think im gonna have alot of nights in renting the dvd's and catching up with that wacky ass family.
  18. honestly , keeping numbers is semi pointless in the post 911 world . tracking is too difficult to even bother with.
  19. gay like: oh yeah my boy bruce is a gay man gay like: man , jyerrr boyhhh ghey dawg or gay like: man im so gay and full of glee.
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