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  1. beautiful.....oh so beautiful.
  2. senor regalo el guapo remio ....por vida!!!
  3. Regal Samo Remio Fatso thats the niggas
  4. Kaput-VTS and the ill Groner tag....the pure realness.
  5. that photobucket is hottt...oh and that other photobucket....way too hawwwttt! Wha da fuhhh?
  6. geso nots gore b ..vatos locos por vida. andale.
  7. full of the holmes's Erupto Geso Next Dime san simon..I offer you your tortilla
  8. regal and tre save the day...gay
  9. Regal..Utah Fatso... Pore..Move buncha tards if you ask me.
  10. Samo takes virgins and turns them into beautiful night walkers...the dark pimp of the night. Erupto and Rade Mover and Pores Cameo
  11. Aaaawe...how sweet lil Samo hittin up a Mr. Mink....what a homo.
  12. Most of these fools are bitches..with all their pretty colors...gah.
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