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  1. seriously, dont let this thread die. so informative yet so interesting. kabar thanks for the time and energy you put into this, its really had an impact on me (and i think a lot of other people) and i realize it takes a lot of time. respect
  2. ragehardcore

    Yard Safety

    trains kill dumb people traincrashvideo
  3. this shit is savage truck hit by train video
  4. check this shit outgerman train crash
  5. if you go to ups.com you can sign up for a FREE businesss account and then you can order cases and cases of whaterver kind of stickers you want. i went a little overboard and now have like ten cases of stickers in my closet
  6. i moved here a few months ago. i just wandered around downtown taking pictures of whatever i saw. i know that shit sucks..... but i wanted to get some sort of thread going. i am sure there are plenty of spots and shit i dont know about..... so dont fucking discredit graff in the state of vermont as a whole just because of a very small number of flicks you saw.
  7. i agree... i just moved to burlington and i am trying to fuckin crush all the horrible shit in the "city"
  8. more freights and shit so much work to be done.... old school tankers...
  9. its spring and the lake is still frozen
  10. found this in Burlington Vermont
  11. vermont graff yea! from burlington and beyond..... flicks and shit i'll have a bunch of flicks once i get all that image hosting shit together
  12. big ups to those puttin in the work gettin flicks and keeping this thread real
  13. lets kill these bitches Quoted post [/b] i'm with you
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