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  1. Coconut anything rules. But drinking the water straight from an icy cold coconut is the most refreshing shit ever. Bonus points when it's served by a woman wielding a machete.
  2. Or, Nurk: Dude who started a thread with stories and pictures. As in, "I wish more people on Channel Zero were Nurking, instead of posting the same tired shit over and over."
  3. Hmmmm... what website could I go to to find out about Google voice? Oh, yeah, 12 ounce!
  4. It's weird how many videos there are of cute chicks rapping along to that song. What the fuck?
  5. LOL... click on the names of the different dances!
  6. [ATTACH]161163.vB[/ATTACH]
  7. Peas in melted butter. Also, if you don't put chips on your sandwich, you're doing it wrong.
  8. Also, pheasants that one time. Are you allowed back at the petting zoo yet Earl?
  9. Eatin' mangos in Trinidad with attorneys.
  10. Yo Earl, are you going to be at the Blogger/Mod mixer in the Hamptons this weekend? Me, Handselecta, and Billy Joel need a fourth for golf.
  11. Clapped? Is that like when you pull a really fresh move like that rapping Jesus kid, and all of a sudden everyone stands in a circle around you and claps on beat and says shit like "it's your birthday"?
  12. They cancelled America's Most Wanted, so you might want to reconsider your trip.
  13. Awesome name, DAO. Seriously. That shit just made me laugh.
  14. Re: Game of Thrones I just watched the first four episodes of this last night-- pretty epic stuff. I'm not familiar with the books, and I definitely had some trouble keeping all the characters straight, but shit was awesome. It's all tits and beheadings and wolves tearing out jugulars... what's not to love?
  15. Isn't there a Seattle thread in Brickslayers? If DAO painted there, I imagine there will be dozens of shots of it in the local thread, right? I know that's what happens when legends come paint around here at least.
  16. I'd rate Hardee's over Burger King too, but I'm still not going to eat there. Maybe Kidult rules and I'm just ignorant, but the few videos and flicks I've seen have seemed to display a lot less style than they have bandwagonning and cheap fame.
  17. Cool, I was just saying how graffiti needed more Ghost Rider wannabes...
  18. Yeah, dude could use a lot more practice with the extinguishers before he tries to go out for the cheap fame route.
  19. Or if you catch some tags in the immediate area around the museum, they'll let you in free.
  20. [ATTACH]160232.vB[/ATTACH] Here I am at work. True story.
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