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  1. Shit, I make TV shows too, and I never get to drink at work. You in NYC Key?
  2. This week's come-up: a case of pastel yellow bordens a couple of baby blue bordens and four baby blue sherwins. Two for the shelf and ten for the walls.
  3. The scrapyard, west broadway and canal.
  4. Cool edit pro is pretty good, and simple to use.
  5. The Scrapyard, west broadway and canal. They open in the early afternoon most days.
  6. If you think anyone can do this, why aren't we all looking at a Freshmouf thread right now?
  7. Nace's influence on the graffiti community was and still is immeasurable. It's nice to see how there are people on here who may not even have known about him while he was still with us, yet they are inspired to this day by his body of work and his legacy. Someone should try to compile a list of videos, books, mags, etc., that feature his pieces, interviews, or whatever, so that younger cats can really be exposed to what this legend was all about. I doubt that there is anyone in the graff game that couldn't learn something from the master.
  8. If you want to paint with yellow, You've got a few options. 1. Rustoleum makes a couple of nice, thick yellows, but without a lot of variety. 2. Spring for some euro paint. 3. Start digging for some old Borden Krylon. Half the old shit I dig up is for painting with- pastel yellow and chrome yellow are two of my favorites. They used to be able to make paint way thicker and brighter, so a lot of old Bordens cover like rustoleum.
  9. Actually, they make exterior latex enamels, which are very durable and MUCH easier to work with than oil based paint. But the only straight off the rack color you are going to be able to match is a semi flat white. Your best bet is to go to a paint store and get some sample chips, then go home and spray over one half of each with whatever you think will match until you find some thing that works. If nothing comes out right, get a custom mix, as they can match pretty much anything at a good paint store. Also, don't sleep on touching up with a foam brush at the end... that shit cleans up a piece real nice.
  10. Study up. Read the articles on Artcrimes, The art of Getting Over, and William "upski" Wimsatt's Bomb The Suburbs. Watch Stylewars at least three times. Then, once you've made an actual effort to find things out on your own, find a local, accomplished writer, and without acting like a ridiculous thug or chump, ask him/ her to show you the ropes and teach you about techniques, local history, etc. But don't get pissed if they say no... you have to understand that you are a toy, and toys are basically intolerable. And for christ's sake, DO NOT GO OVER ANYONE, and DO NOT TRY TO PAINT FREIGHTS. You can thank me in a couple of years.
  11. It depends who you're writing for. But don't underestimate how many people will eventually make their way through the cuttiest of spots... I remember seeing a tiny KR scribe on a gas station bathroom mirror somewhere in the middle of the fucking country, and being just as pumped as when I've seen giant rollers of his in major cities on both coasts. I think one of the coolest things about graffiti is seeing the same names wherever you go, and knowing that you and that writer have crossed each others paths repeatedly without even knowing it. I've never met Ewok, but I know he lives somewhere near me, 'cuz I see his tags daily... so it was cool as fuck when I was hiking the rainforest in Puerto Rico last year, and caught some marker tags of his on a trail map. I say leave a mark wherever you go, 'cuz you never know who else has been/ will be there.
  12. Supreme Kings has a great Nace segment... it was really nice to see a bunch of his work that I hadn't before. It's weird, 'cuz I never met him, but he's been a major influence on me since I began writing, and continues to be today... and I still get chills whenever I come across one of his pieces. Rest In Power ...and respect to those who are keeping the name alive and rolling.
  13. Jocks MSK? They've got one chapter, which I would say they've earned...do you think it jocks Nace too much also?
  14. That was really fucked up. That guy is a fucking asshole, straight up. Then again, I saw the news report during my lunch break, and caught myself wondering if there would be any graf visible in the footage of the freight train, so I guess I'm sort of an asshole myself.
  15. When I was just starting out I found out pretty quick that krylon was much easier to control than rusto, so for years that was all I used (this was before belton or montana). Years later I figured out that brand loyalty was stupid-- they kept having to change the krylon formula, either watering down or discontinuing most of the good colors, and while rusto is much tougher to use cleanly, you can learn to control it just as well. There are only a few colors of krylon still being made that are worth picking up, but the old shit is fucking BUTTER. Nowadays when I go out, it's not unusual to have 3 or 4 different types of paint in one piece-- rusto and AA fills, borden outlines, and sometimes i'll spring for a couple of cans of spanish montana or belton when I want a real specific color for my shell or highlights. Paint with everything.
  16. indian spice. terra cotta. baby blue. charcoal grey.
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