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  1. check a few pages back. there is also a thread of how to do it. im tired of seein it repeated on this thread.
  2. haha that was funny. cameltoe annie hahaha
  3. yea and not too long ago i was considering if i should get one. luckily i heard its on invitation or something of that sort to get an account. yahoo and others might also be doing the same. this sucks. :hatred: :hatred: :hatred:
  4. Yes I did take that picture. Thanks for the comment.
  5. Does anyone have some igni flicks?
  6. edit..just because i felt like it..
  7. haha..no i have not seen it..the responses seem to tell it all..
  8. Damn stillk no one with these pics of true old school shit. lookin for TWS(CRAYONE) Quoted post [/b] Crayone has his own site.
  9. woah i hadnt seen rove in a long time.
  10. wow...what i dont get is how his friends somehow agreed to do everything that guy said to them..seems fake..but it was funny.
  11. ive seen the same ant outside of my door when i leave for school...always seems to be waiting for me...
  12. that looks uncomfortable...
  13. :haha: :haha: i had been looking for this post. i find it hilarious :haha:
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