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  1. you call that sloppy? get your head out your asshole
  2. hot shit REMORSE SEV, i dig the S & E but that V is a little too wide, it doesnt match. if you made the bottom of it a mirror reflection of the bottom of the S i think it would look sick...just a suggestion
  3. YOU BET YOUR ASS I ALWAYS BRING A TOWEL!!!! wet metal aint stopped me yet... that LINUS is bonkers!!!!
  4. that was a nice thread for us kids. hotness all around
  5. might-be-bombin: I always finish a piece the same night I started it, not everyone does, but I think it's something you should try to do. If you have to stop in the middle of a piece, it's probably not working and you should just move on to a new one. Turtz: If u have to ask, dont fuck with that shit... SHIFT: tight character
  6. it might not be great now, but drawing those fast lines is what you eventually want to be doing. From watching a lot of cats better than me I realized that the best way to put down a line is to locate the start and finish points with your eyes, and then connect the imaginary dots in one swift motion. The more you use spray paint the more u will realize this is how to paint as well. Think about it, if you draw a line too slowly with the can, you'll get drips! To combat those shaky hands, I would say aim your medium where u want the line to start, keeping the pinky-side edge of yo
  7. AND DONE!!! dont bitch about the large sizes, just enjoy tha detaiL!!
  9. definitely NOT from today...i be lazy g
  10. why do u fags always gotta post in the middle of someone's flix? are u fucking retarded? wait till a brotha finishes. fucking toy ass bitches. god
  11. ^^hotness bro. im just wishin u had a scanner
  12. Im getting really sick of dumbass kids asking this question over and over and over and over and over again. THEY'RE CALLED FUCKING PRISMAs!!!!!!!!!!! PRISMACOLOR MARKERS and sometimes COPICs. Thats what the dope graf headz use. Now open up a sketchbook and do something. closed
  13. man i hope that the CHI thread in brickslayers stays closed forever. WAAAAY to much information getting swapped around. "where's that spot? Oh its right here." "yea i met that dude he looks like this." for fuck sake doesnt it occur to anyone that people who post no flix and do nothing but ask questions are either cops or ignorant toys? fuck this site im leavin.
  14. fuckin photoshop /nohater
  15. ^^^dag u need to get a scanner and do that piece some justice homie, looks too fuckin ill
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