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  1. Hi Shuvel! Glad you could make it! Sit a spell! Let's talk. I think we got off on the wrong foot.


    You see, I was just like you, many years ago. And I get it. And a person can be a talented and skilled artist with a ton of potential and still have some substandard work, especially if they enter a niche art-form (like graffiti, for instance!).


    And it's tough because you want it so bad. You want to everyone to tell you how great your shit is. Maybe even in the same way you hear it in real life from the people around you. Because people who don't make art are usually glowing in praise if you show the slightest competency. So it's tough to get that praise all the time and suddenly get the exact opposite when you venture outside that circle. And you want it now. That elusive cred that everyone else seems to be getting outside that circle of non-artists.


    Let me ask you a question. What do you want? Do you want hollow praise with people telling you that it's good no matter what?


    Or do you want people telling you that the fruits of your labor are good because they actually ARE good?


    Because right now, your stuff isn't good. Sorry. i know that hurts to hear. Not trying to make you feel bad. I really am not. But your stuff is not that good. And I understand. Because I struggle myself. Lots of times, I don't feel like much of what I make is good. The few times I get artists saying it is good, I feel special and like I truly accomplished something. That's a feeling you probably have not gotten yet. At least not genuinely, if you are honest. And I can assure you, it is worth it.


    But it took years of me being terrible to get there.


    So, for real, don't stop drawing. Don't stop creating. Don't stop trying. I mean that. Keep going. But have a modicum of self-awareness. A touch of humility. And a realization that no matter how good you are, you could be better and there are people who are better than you (and I mean that about myself... there are TONS of cats better than me... TONS). Because that attitude, over time, will make you better. It really will.


    Anything else is not going to make you better. It will hold you back. You will spend all your days angry and wondering why everyone hates you. And you will deserve it. Leave that shit behind.


    Better yourself.


    No hate here. Have a nice day.


    PS: This same thing I have just said... It will be copied and pasted again for the next person who comes along acting just like you. Because that's a thing. There is an endless stream of people just like you swinging their dicks around and talking shit because they just could not check themselves and their egos. I was once that guy, only nobody said it to me. I had to figure it out on my own.