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  1. revisecmw


  2. revisecmw


    dont want to be a wet blanket, but isnt there a lase nyc?
  3. hey hecz lay off them corn husks...why dont you actually stick those stickers up??? theyre not that precious...
  4. damn he has enough sketches to choose from!
  5. sure, hit me up revise_cmw@hotmail.com
  6. an oldie...going through some junk.
  7. so almonds, where is the wall that we are going to paint? I gots the peoples.
  8. damn ways, it looks like each letter is hugging itself.
  9. revisecmw

    The 3D pages.

    king hecz has spoken...all bow down to his holy three d - ness.
  10. love the underbite on the E's. dolphin teeth - too funny.
  11. somebody get this man some prismas.
  12. revisecmw


    bump for the toledo prod.
  13. definately dope shit alll around...proper kaps killed that blackbook! kepha, i wish my arms were that long sometimes. dope style.
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