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  1. DF wall is cool cause it's a crew all with different styles.
  2. .....these needs to go back to before Pose and Vizie where all those techniques and styles came from. Gotta give props to those writers first.
  3. I do agree on the similarities, I see it.... I think i edited my post 5 minutes later just to word my post better. Not trying to argue here. I'm a big fan of the afore mentions artists.. all cool writers. The bottom ghost looks like a Dalek Space monkey altered to a ghost.
  4. Gaze - Shattered glass "A" in Boston.. very sick.
  5. using every color available is biting? Guys like Vulcan an Apex have a style that includes 100 plus colors in every burner.... I just think those concepts are very common in graff these days.. props to pose and vizie for making it popular. I just don't think it can be biting if it's progression and recycling of a ton of techniques already used by other writers. thoughts?
  6. so when Sento TFP did every letter different back in 1987.. metal and wood and organic.. all different styles mixed together. who did he bite? or maybe when cycle did it a ton in the 90's
  7. whats makes it pose or vizie?.. No diss to them.. I think they are much better then this piece in question the rock letters - Seen in the 80's plus It's been done a million times since then metal letters - 80's the bricks and jibs - a ton of people since the 90's that faded out lightning stuff - early 90's , ton of writers did that 3d bloob drips things - Early 90's. I could list a ton or writers that have done that including ones in KC that did it before Vizie and pose.. where they learned it. all old stuff. Maybe you didn't see it all.
  8. every element of that piece has been done by tons of writers over the last 20 years.... just because he used all those styles and techniques in one piece makes it's a bite?
  9. by "booze hound" we mean beer... all day every day.
  10. The grey Ramses is soooo fresh.. and Whenonerism,,, back in the game.
  11. dang.. very dope pandas. You trying to out-do sub?
  12. looks like they didn't like some writer that was up and erased him.
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