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  1. gerno and oleg ¨lookin sweet....fashion bitches
  2. btw that jpeg panel is fresh
  3. londeners are all bumpkins......and toffs
  4. Hows Liverpool bumkin...its a big city
  5. Pert

    uk wall flixs

    Ha ha David Beckham.... remember when we busted you dogging nt pieces in reading and a certain writer threatened to knock you out to your face.. didnt have much to say then did you? And here you are running your mouth about nt in every threat you fat gay wap......thats just funny
  6. Bet you wouldnt say air to his face you little bitch.....you know nothing
  7. Pert


    i hate you david bekham
  8. Pert


    Metz was up in manchester alot too rip
  9. Your boys need your arms cutting off
  10. Pert

    uk wall flixs

    who cares about your opinion, stick to football you cum guzzler
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