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  1. looks photoshopped.. why is the rest blurry???
  2. Ther..rime called and left a message...he asked for his letters back.
  3. this is presue, revok, and rime from new york.. and bunnykitty..it looks like rime did it all tho..
  4. crawlspace


    sooo fuckin sick!!!!
  5. crawlspace


    save the fall of florida!
  6. this picture does the spot no justice - this is an entire block long!!! its fuckin huge! no tarp, just balls out! you can be spotted from all sides, sick that they pulled this off
  7. crawlspace

    O'CLOCK 156

    creative motherfucker
  8. damn LA is jealous of fun nyc writers.. dont hate..
  9. korn sneaky smasher..smarty 2005
  10. god damn good at fontwork
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