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  1. haha. coicidence. I saw this in salisbury few weeks back. think it's a S**K from what I saw. theres another train running around with a corner unbuffed in the same colours, with a YRP front. so makes sense thats who it is. looks like a wholetrain :king: lunchtime spotted some PS damage, think been running for a while in charing x, and also something half buffed looked like a GELA but could have been any of that lot...
  2. no but spotted some FV crap on south london metro over weekend, and wizzed passed some YRP panels and throwies/damage on sevenoaks platform this morning.
  3. ? Quoted post [/b] It's shit mate. Why keep asking, just practise!! Oh and mkonji, tell your mate TO CHANGE HIS NAME, aint a good look to write same tag as someone down with std,gfs,fls,dds and others cliques you get me you clown :clown2: ...
  4. who the fuck! :yuck: :yuck: :yuck: Quoted post TOYS :hatred:
  5. what trainspotter site mr loco?
  6. Fair enough remark most of it, but the first steam engine was created and tested in the United Kingdom. Dunno about the first passenger cars,although it has nothing to do with why trains get slapped here. NYC was piss easy and now it's relatively hard. Everything used to run, now nothing does. In London it was never that easy and things have always been buffed. So the change has been smaller and so has put less people off. And having done NYC subway and London in the past 5 years. I know you can't compare systems but they are both relatively similar in size.The difference is HUGE though. The biggest problem in NYC was the workers roaming around as it runs 24 hours, fuck all security, cameras etc. The fences are shit, but the barbed wire is a cunt though, cuts you up proper. While in London you have so much more security, designed more to keep terrorists out than writers due to the IRA etc planting bombs in depots in the 80's. The security included guards on 24 hour rounds, infra red cameras, motion sensors, tremor sensors and pressure pads, as well as that the graff squad have a designated helicopter and dog unit just for the subway.But then 10 mins from the yard theres a piss easy 5 minute backjump, so is doable, like any other system. Anyway this is all bollox, cant be fucked, and when it comes to style though, each to their own, cant dismiss whole continents..
  7. Bump for that DELS, heard he took out some DPM and NT stuff over xmas, and people was saying they was slacking. :haha: :haha:
  8. who the fuck are they? :gaga:
  9. asbo

    On my travels

    anyone know who this is? *edit Someone please tell me it's really a GT piece and not some lame Aroe bite Quoted post [/b] nah it's aroe, and as he says he's still the king! :clown2: :clown2: :clown2: :clown2: :clown2: :clown2: quite nice though even if he did trace a frog nigga
  10. yeah same saw them runners on the weekend, also seen a foreign looking pile of shit on the lil met in wombledon (prob backjump?), then in clapham a colourful end ta end on the electrostars by ceres, some other yrp head, and some jak thing. a nice little couple of days of colour.
  11. asbo

    London Walls

  12. Anyone have more info or fliks of this? Peace Quoted post [/b] Gavin's a good tag, but it's wack, it might be better than that shit I seen on the wall thread, but he's just biting nt who just biting next mans, it's W_A_C_K....... :clown2: thames valley clowns
  13. asbo

    London Walls

    yes yes 'NANG' bombin the great easterns Quoted post wow
  14. course he ain't scared, he's used to shoving one up his arse on the daily. fuckin tramp :haha:
  15. yrpstd off some trainspotter site, looks unfinished
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