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  1. ahh im so jealous i want ur markers
  2. dope thread melburn shit this flick taken from extraganza thread
  3. what the fuck is with everyone dogging australia, check out melburn extraganza thread and u'll be suprised, fuck off atome is king
  4. dude chill down here we call someone a burner if they rip shit for example "seiko that guy is a burner"... chill
  5. lovin the thread, skew is the king of wholecars
  6. yeah u guys should definately start hittin up trains from the flicks iv seen on this thread shows u guys a def burners. peace
  7. ah what u tlakin bout as if thats toy :yuck:
  8. hell jeah to atome he is the king of style plus hes aussie -Eidted out quoted flicks. Please dont quote them. Europe
  9. dope thread.. nice pics transit art melburn represent click link for a wild wholetrain video http://www.graffiti.com/escapism/videos_txt.html :king: MONK IS THE KING OF 3d
  10. :king: nice shit boys you guys got it goin on, nice thread! greets from melburn peace
  11. :love2: cheers this has made my day mite have to go make me one
  12. ces is a mad cunt he has a rad style mad props to him australia represent
  13. atome is a king and thats that, his style is one the freshest out and to ivo ur a fuck ur pieces are toy and are almost as good as a paraplejic doing pushups, seriously and to all the other foreigners baggin aussies get outta it dont talk shit unless uve seen the scene we got going here! OZZIES REPRESENT atome=king
  14. yeah this games hot... not its almost as hot as ur grandma naked! next we will see every tony hawk tryhard with a marker and a can in his hand thinkin hes rad just coz hes played the game... the graffix look good but no this is fuckin terrible ecko shood die for even thinkin of releasin this piece of ratturd :yuck:
  15. sup, nice thread, can u guys post up some steel? pce out
  16. props to entyr your style is off tap, do u piece much? or panel id love to see some of ur panels
  17. mmm this thread is ultra wak but yeah its sweet how u guys are helpin out others pce
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