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  1. INFO DROP. now you dont gotta worry about hating jews on 12oz, cuz yeeeeeeeeeeeeer outta hea. To the showers with ya.
  2. having issues with israel i can understand. but honestly anti-semitism makes me ill. peace. edit: ya know what, nevermind. asking this question is just inviting ignoramus motherfuckers to come in here and offer excuses further pissing me off. your arguments are perfunctory. you aint gonna tell me anything i aint already heard.
  3. boost the post count. harbor blue is the best american paint you can find. possibly the best paint period. covers like crazy and smells good to boot. peace.
  4. yeah well i got german montana from my girl last year. peace.
  5. loose lips sink ships. (and can give you syphillis) one love.
  6. i believe it was heroin. agreed on the aquired taste. elliott smith slayed. tragic. really. peace.
  7. stolen from me. very nice nonetheless. peace.
  8. oh so modern


    dont worry you will soon. one love.
  9. heres some more just for exile. i see you lurking. shout out to all the new jacks. one love.
  10. agreed either VICE or reviewing records for BUDDYHEAD. peace.
  11. fats: rusto, or euro pink/orange dots thins: ny thin, or euro yellow dots otherwise i use level fives when i can get german montana. peace.
  12. that isnt coming out of a can, but rather a bug spray/wet fertilizer compressor. watch for him to pick it up and swing it between the two parked cars. peace.
  13. i really like posting in METALHEADS. i can count on coming here and seeing something positive. i spend most my time in the chicago BRICKSLAYERS thread and it is terrible. benching somewhat scratches the itch when i cant paint. thanks to all those offering praise. one love.
  14. all the hip kids are wearing chrome. chromebags.com
  15. northeast & central IL and central IN
  16. LAZY has quite a following. had kids say they have seen his stuff on the east coast and dug it.
  17. blocking the numbers is to prevent fuzz from using my flicks to bring down writers if they get caught. kinda paranoid but it is convention. peace.
  18. PART ELEVEN: illinois central and indiana harborbelt. one love.
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