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  1. Re: Don't Call it Frisco ....ROME,ROME,ROME,ROME.....REPPEN-SOME-NASTY!!!!
  2. Re: Don't Call it Frisco topr is a mutha fuckin G...... bloody gums, and cheese burgers reggae on the river. Pure MDMA and mass amounts of the pimp shit. Topr says "riddle me this Batman, why do the lords ROCK so hard?" Because quake , pastime, luese, wesk, chez, natral, tyboe, leks, phect, nesta, phat-cat,shue, delia, style, and, destroyer...and then some.. because they just do!!! Topr is a mutha-fuckin-G, random game award, goes to the Ramen-GHETTO-NOODLE. The fool has hand down the dope style, and lyrics....DRUNK!!! shit makes me laugh........
  3. woeeee, dopeeeee shit,,,,,,,,,, NACEEE,,, fuck every time its still a new one for me
  4. connectedworlds.org update
  5. CONNECTEDWORLDS.ORG update 1/6/06
  6. I think you all failed to mention that Chez, killing it my friends. Tyboe.......Im done..
  7. lost is a hog!!! That sigh is really dope, probably the best stuff I have seen from him in a while. That dude always comes with tons of quanity, but that piece is straight quality... super clean... good job. That prae is fresh as well... wut up cheif?
  8. biter begr.... good stuff.....
  9. Ya that's what happens when mothafuckas be trapped up in the mountains,gettin cabin fever and shit. It's like a bad episode of Giligans Island nobody really knows what the fuck is going down......!!!!!!!!!
  10. Chezo,the piece looks to fresh. Poppin those purple 3d's like no other. Cant wait to get down there and get busy. Keep it up homie. GL R.I.P RSEN and DREAM........
  11. Duhh-Vinci

    out on bail

    that deas fill is pretty tight, shit looks cool with an extra e on the end.
  12. Lots of good ones, dest begr old school chez!! fatso ges burner kaput dice vows two thumbs up...
  13. Elk!!! Lets see a better picture of that POSER, if you have one. Nice post.
  14. Mako, shit looks like a sticker, that's it.
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