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Everything posted by freakeenyc

  1. mick space out ur letters, teh c is smushed with teh I.
  2. 42violethill grainne started skteching on the tablet, saves marker money, but i'm shaky as hell.
  3. would love to see some collab pages that have been finished. post em up.
  4. solid entries. heres some chicken scratch..sorry didnt realize it would come out this big.
  5. gonna try one now that i can finally log in.
  6. test run.. been having so many issues just logging into this site
  7. Haha I got so many themed sketches, here's one from last year
  8. Just curious are not there gaps on the side underneath as well a in between the tracks and the train. I have heard of a dude who jumped ontop of a dude who fell to save his life.
  9. i wish the scientific experiments that the Govnr has going on had shown that the zombies had maintained some sort of identity to their past lives. This would have made the killing zombie situation much more complex.
  10. that night something special happened,
  11. i came to creep before i sleep....ohhhhhhhhhhhH!!!
  12. SketchbookExpress is pretty solid. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.adsk.sketchbookhdexpress&hl=en
  13. sticker concept is alright, simple stylish and readable. the hand needs to be simplified and spread apart instead of being one giant thing. legibility is the most important thing your looking for, style comes secondary.
  14. this shit cray..it isn't alchemy tho...upon further research it just metabolizes toxic compounds that have gold in it, into pure gold. still cray...fucking bacteria and shit!
  15. Apologies for the size, won't happen again
  16. dope^ i have no more markers..lame
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