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Everything posted by freakeenyc

  1. Anyone wanna battle? choose the word, and ill be down.
  2. yea deos that last one is solid.
  3. dear oont\, sup homie, hope this site starts to revive soon, missed you oontz, it feels good to be able to log on again, frk
  4. yoooooo ruckkusss feeling the last three homie!
  5. where are the flics buddies? its taken years to get this finished?
  6. solllid sketch dude. feeling the funk
  7. doooopppppe page guys. keep up the good work.
  8. fuck i read it as beating the monkey...fuckk.
  9. work harder and most importantly more efficiently. work out afterwards. eat properly. sleep properly. basically discipline.
  10. ZOmb- the sketch would look much better with a simpler F.notice the other letters you have dont have the same kinda extensions/style, ie the horizontal lines of teh f. Also, it would look much better with a solid consistent width instead of the big to small to big effect the letter bars have.
  11. unfinished but its finished cuz i dunno waht else to do.
  12. freakeenyc


    any of you guys play League of Legends? got into it recently. very addicting.
  13. yeaaaa mad interested in 12 years as a slave.
  14. i second insight into propology/proponomics. just curious how it works, mathematically.
  15. bout to watch eps of Luther; just started, shit is dope.
  16. doctor handwriting, being cold, clogged sinks, shitty microwaveable meals, wet socks,
  17. wasn't bad. but i may be partial cuz im a fan of outerspace.
  18. ^hahahha also fuck props its about your member status. respect mah veteran authoirtah :O
  19. sup guys dope sketches all around., finally able to log in for some reason, anyways heres a sketch.
  20. fake 3d. thought the word was mystical. oh well.
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