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  1. wat the fuck, doing wholecars from the ground! them trains must be tiny Quoted post [/b] No, the people doing the wholecars are giants.
  2. selondon

    uk wall flixs

    i think brighton smashes it style wise but then again there is a few writers from london down there now with style such as town,vibes,snore arse to name a few. london still represents the damage side of graff and always will i think, you never know tho. Quoted post I think arse has just been making a mess in Brighton, a lot of the graff was all good but he's been messing it up with scrappy tags and throw ups...
  3. selondon

    uk wall flixs

    yeah i thought that snor was fresh myself...
  4. selondon

    uk wall flixs

    ;) :burn: :hatred: ;)
  5. selondon


    only one moan per post? :haha:
  6. I already posted that^^^^
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