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  1. Damn, I was surprised to find many of the 12oz heads in the club where Casek started capping fools. Did anybody really get banned that time? :D 12oz on SL... keeping it rail.
  2. So.. any update on a possible tournament? In any case, I'm down.
  3. I'm intrigued, from what I've read here in the forums you seem to conduct biological research of some sort. I'd be pleased to learn more about your particular research endeavors. Of course I understand confidentiality is a priority here, so feel free to omit certain details. I'm currently a biology major myself, and I'm glad to see more people of the sciences invested in similiar past-times and artistic interests. ;)
  4. It seems the trailers aren't working on my computer at the moment, so could anybody that has already viewed this documentary provide a synopsis?
  5. Chance Em Redy


    I picked up a copy awhile back. Very dope indeed. Is this a hard to obtain book in the states? I woudnt mind selling it online if the demand was high enough. ;)
  6. Whats the starting pay like?
  7. Nonsense humor websites are the best. :love2:
  8. eating and drinking= not good
  9. That post reminds me of some psychotic patients diaries i've seen on some webpage.
  10. Even though majority of it was legal, the Keith Haring street stuff i've seen was pretty dope and innovative. I read somewhere he was given a car by some company to just paint on, and all he did was draw the same character over and over. He also painted the side of a building or two bearing messages of hope and art appreciation. His subject matter of AIDS awareness and drug use also add to the impact he left behind. Like his work or not, believe he was a writer or not- you gotta give the guy respect for what he did for art.
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